B.11 Teaming Applets Are Not Working on a 64-Bit Operating System

Problem: If you are using a 64-bit operating system with a 64-bit version of Firefox (this is the default browser for some Linux 64-bit operating systems), the following Novell Teaming applets do not work:


You can solve this problem in either of the following ways:

B.11.1 Change Your Browser to a 32-Bit Version of Firefox

A simple solution to this problem is to run a 32-bit version of Firefox on your 64-bit operating system.

  1. Install a 32-bit version of Firefox.

  2. Install the 32-bit Java browser plug-in into the 32-bit version of Firefox that you installed in Step 1.

    The Teaming applets now work as expected.

B.11.2 Install a 64-Bit Java Browser Plug-In

If you want to keep your 64-bit browser, you can solve this problem by installing a 64-bit Java browser plug-in, and a version of Firefox greater than 3.0.

Install a 64-Bit Java Browser Plug-In

  1. Download and install a 64-bit Java browser plug-in.

Install Firefox 3.0 or Higher

The Java browser plug-in that you installed in Install a 64-Bit Java Browser Plug-In supports only Firefox 3 or higher.

  1. Download and install Firefox 3 or higher.