18.2 Managing Online Updates, Including Service Packs

Path: Port 9443 Appliance Console > Online Update icon

Table 18-2 Using the Online Update dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

Online Update (Automatic Update Schedule: X)

  • This is the dialog title and it also shows which Schedule option is selected (represented by X).



Register Online Update Service dialog

  • This dialog appears whenever the appliance is not registered with an update service. For example, the first time Online Update icon is clicked or when a service has been de-registered.

  • You must register the appliance for it to receive online updates.

  • Service Type:

  • Select the service type that the appliance will use to obtain online updates: a local Subscription Management Tool (SMT) or the Micro Focus Customer Center

  • Local SMT

This is a server from where you can download the software updates and automatically install them to update the product.

  • Hostname: The hostname of the server from where you want the appliance to download software updates.

  • SSL cert URL (optional): The path to the SSL certificate for encrypting communications with the server.

  • Namespace path (optional): To enable the client to use the staging group, specify a value. Do not specify any value if you want to use the default production repositories.

  • Micro Focus Customer Center

  • Email: Your email address for registering the appliance to receive updates.

  • Activation Key: This is found in your NCC Portal in the same dialog as your product license.

  • Allow Data send: Select from the following options if you want to share information with the Micro Focus Customer Center:

    • Hardware Profile: Shares the hardware information.

    • Optional Information: Shares information such as host type, productversion, release, architecture, timezone, and processor.



Update service: X

  • After you register the appliance for an update service, the service name appears in this field (represented by X).

  • Patches drop-down

  • Needed Patches: Selecting this option lists that patches that will be installed during the next manual or automatic update.

  • Installed Patches: Selecting this option lists all patches that have been previously installed.

Update Now tab

  • This is selectable only when the Patches drop-down is set to Needed Patches.

  • After clicking the option, you must choose to apply either All Needed Patches or Security Patches Only.

  • Optionally, you can specify whether to Automatically agree with all license agreements and Automatically install all interactive patches.

View Info tab

  • Clicking this displays information such as a brief summary of the patch and the bug fixes in the patch.

Register tab

  • Clicking this displays the appliance’s registration status, and an option to Deregister the appliance.

  • If you deregister the appliance, the Register Online Update Service dialog reappears.

Refresh tab

  • Clicking this refreshes the status of updates on the Appliance.