9.0 Setting Up TeamWorks Services

Complete the following steps to make your TeamWorks deployment available to users.

NOTE:As you complete the steps in this section, refer to any Worksheets indicated to make sure that you follow your plans and have an accurate record of your TeamWorks deployment’s configurations.

Changing some settings in the Port 9443 Appliance Console requires restarting TeamWorks.

For example,

  • All modifications to settings accessed through the Configuration Icon

  • Changes to the appliance’s Network settings.

  1. Using the Port 9443 Appliance Console > Configuration Icon > License dialog, install the same license on each TeamWorks appliance in your system.

  2. Using the settings in the Port 9443 Appliance Console > Firewall dialog as a reference, make sure that your network’s port and firewall settings are configured to support TeamWorks.

  3. Add users and groups to your TeamWorks deployment and set up the LDAP synchronization processes.

    Worksheet 4 - Users and Groups

    1. Configure your TeamWorks system to connect to an existing LDAP source, such as eDirectory or Active Directory, to control user access to the system.

      Path: Port 8443 TeamWorks Admin Console > System > LDAP

      IMPORTANT:For initial access to the Port 8443 console, use admin as both the username and password. You are then prompted to change the password for user Admin before proceeding.

    2. Manually create any non-LDAP users and groups that need access to TeamWorks services.

      For more information, see the New User button in the TeamWorks 18.2.1: Administrative UI Reference.

    Worksheet 5 - LDAP Synchronization

    1. Configure the TeamWorks system to synchronize with your LDAP servers.

      For assistance, see LDAP Servers and Synchronization in the TeamWorks 18.2.1: Administrative UI Reference.

  4. Enable additional TeamWorks Users for Administrative Access.

    Worksheet 8 - Administrative Access

    1. Configure users for administrative access to TeamWorks.

      For more information, see Assigning and Managing Port 8443 Designated Administrators in the TeamWorks 18.2.1: Administrative UI Reference.

  5. If your TeamWorks deployment needs to support multiple languages, configure the site as described in Language and Locale Settings in the TeamWorks 18.2.1: Maintenance Best Practices Guide.

  6. After you have completed all of the topics in this list that are relevant to your TeamWorks environment, you can invite users to use the TeamWorks deployment. For information about how to use the TeamWorks deployment, see the TeamWorks User Help.