8.4 Setting Up the TeamWorks Appliances

Table 8-5 Logging in and Starting the Configuration Wizard

Page, Dialog, or Option

Do This


  1. Open a management browser on your administrative workstation and access the Port 9443 Appliance Console on a TeamWorks appliance using the following URL:


    Where IP_Address is the IP address of the first TeamWorks appliance.

TeamWorks Appliance Sign In

  1. Log in as the vaadmin user with the password that you set for the appliance in Vaadmin password and confirmation:.

TeamWorks Appliance Tools

  1. Click the Configuration icon to launch the TeamWorks Configuration Wizard.

TeamWorks Configuration Wizard

The installation wizard accesses the shared storage specified for the appliance and verifies that the deployment is prepared for a TeamWorks appliance.

It then displays the Search appliances added earlier and prompts you to add this appliance to the deployment.

  1. Click Finish to add the TeamWorks appliance to the TeamWorks deployment.

(Optional when integrating a Content Editor appliance)

If your appliances use certificates issued by a certificate authority, skip to the next row.

If you are including a Content Editor appliance in your TeamWorks deployment and you are using self-signed certificates, you must export the appliance’s certificate.

  1. Under Appliance Configuration, click the Digital Certificates icon.

  2. Select the Web Application Certificates keystore.

  3. Select self-signed_cert.

  4. Click File > Export > Public Certificate.

  5. Rename the downloaded certificate to a name that identifies the appliance it belongs to.


  1. Repeat this process for all of the TeamWorks appliances.

  2. After adding all of the appliances planned for the initial deployment, continue with Section 9.0, Setting Up TeamWorks Services.