8.0 Planning Network Support

Table 8-1 Worksheet 9 - IP Address Infrastructure Information

Heading, Label, or Topic:

Information and Instructions:

Primary Network

  1. On Worksheet 9 - Network Support, record the IP address information for the network that your TeamWorks deployment will communicate on, including:

    • Subnet Address:

    • Subnet Mask:

    • Name Servers:

    • Search Domain: (default is domain specified for appliance DNS names)

      IMPORTANT:Include each domain where TeamWorks and Search appliances are located (up to 3). This is required so that short hostnames (hostname -s) are resolvable within Rabbit MQ.

    • Gateway:

    • (Optional) Forward Proxy Server:

Secondary Network (optional for TeamWorks appliance administration)

  1. (Optional) If you plan to administer TeamWorks through a second network card, record the same IP address information for the secondary network that you did for the first.

  2. If you will use only one network, leave this section blank.

Load Balancing

  1. Mark or note the load balancer solution you plan to use.

  2. Note any information about the solution you plan to deploy or integrate with.

Port 9443 Admin Console Access Restrictions

  1. If you want to limit appliance administration, specify the IP addresses of the networks from which you want to allow administrative access on Port 9443.

Table 8-2 Worksheet 9 - Appliance-Specific IP Address Information

Heading, Label, or Topic:

Information and Instructions:

Preparing the worksheet

  1. Copy the pertinent appliance sections, until you have one for each TeamWorks and Search appliance you will deploy.

    Micro Focus recommends the following:

    • At least 3 TeamWorks appliances, two fronted by a load balancer and one dedicated to indexing.

    • Three Search appliances, two running the Messaging service.

    • An in-house SQL server

NIC Configuration Settings

  1. Change each angle-bracketed name to a name that identifies each TeamWorks and Search appliance.

  2. For each appliance and the SQL server, record the IP address information you will specify during deployment.

IMPORTANT:TeamWorks requires that static IP addresses associated with set DNS Hostnames be used throughout (as indicated on the worksheet).

Do not use host files instead of DNS.