10.0 Planning the Virtual Machines and VM Host Servers

  1. Use the information in Table 10-1 to identify the resources that your VM host servers must have to support your TeamWorks deployment.

  2. After your plan is complete, ensure that it has stakeholder buy-in and adjust it if required.

  3. After all of your plans are finalized, continue with Leverage a Pilot Deployment.

Table 10-1 Worksheet 13 - VM Host Servers

Heading, Label, or Topic:

Information and Instructions:

  • Platform and Version:

TeamWorks runs on VMware host platforms. For specific version and other requirements, see Virtualization Hypervisor Platform in the GroupWise TeamWorks 18.2.1: Installation and Deployment Guide.

  1. On Worksheet 13, record the platform and version of the VM host server you will use for TeamWorks.

  • Number of Physical Network Adapters:

  1. Record the number of physical network adapters that your TeamWorks deployment requires.

    For example, if you plan to use a secondary network for TeamWorks administration or have other requirements, note them here.

  • Disk Space:

If you have filled in all of the required worksheet fields, worksheet formulas display an estimation of the disk space needed for the TeamWorks and Search appliance disks. /vastorage and SQL database server requirements are not included. The optional PostgreSQL appliance is also not included.

CAUTION:The estimates calculated by worksheet formulas are only provided for your convenience.

Do not use the worksheet numbers for your deployment.

Perform separate calculations of your own, and if you want to, use the worksheet calculations as a secondary check.

  • CPUs:

Worksheet formulas add the number of CPUs you have planned for each TeamWorks and Search appliance.

This only provides a summary for your convenience.

You and/or your VM administrator can reference this number as a starting point when assessing your plans and allocating CPU resources to the TeamWorks virtual machines.

  • RAM Required:

Worksheet formulas add the total RAM allocations for all TeamWorks and Search appliances.

As with the CPU estimates, this number only provides a summary for you to use as you plan your TeamWorks deployment on your VM host server.