9.5 Content Editor Appliance Planning

9.5.1 Ensuring a Successful Content Editor Integration

The following are best practice recommendations for a successful Content Editor integration with TeamWorks.

  • Do not set the RAM (16 GB) and CPU (4) allocations lower than the initial settings.

  • Use industry-valid signed certificates that are common to browser Java stores and are signed by a trusted Certificate Authority.

  • Be aware that performance can degrade sharply when 6 or more people edit a document simultaneously.

  • Limit .pptx documents to 10 MB or less.

  • When possible, use .odp documents for collaborating.

  • Always use DNS hostnames in configuration settings and when accessing TeamWorks.

    Do not attempt to substitute host files for DNS.

A PDF file that lists the supported file types is available here.

9.5.2 Preparing the Worksheet

The amounts shown in “Worksheet 13 - Content Editor Appliances” are explained in Table 9-5.

As noted elsewhere, you can adjust the numbers shown with green borders. Data numbers in white cells are fixed and should not be changed. Cells with black dashes are calculated based on information you entered previously and you should not modify them directly.

However, because no data (other than log files) is stored on the Content Editor appliance, the defaults are sufficient.

Table 9-5 Using Worksheet 11 - Content Editor Appliances


Recommendations and Guidelines

Planning Worksheet Example

  • / (System Disk)

  • 20 GB fixed


  • /vastorage

Allocate 10 GB as a base amount.

  • /var

Use the following guidelines when planning /var for a Content Editor appliance.

  • Include 10 GB for system logs.

  • Include space for core dumps by multiplying the total RAM allocation by 3.

The worksheet calculates this as follows:

  1. It automatically includes 10 GB for system logs.

  2. It multiplies the total RAM by 3 to accommodate core dumps.

  • CPUs

The default allocation at install time is 4 CPUs.

This is the recommended minimum.


  • RAM

The default allocation is 16 GB.

This is the recommended minimum.

As noted in the TeamWorks appliance planning guidelines, increase the minimum RAM on TeamWorks appliances to 16 GB and allocate 8 GB to the Java heap.


SSL Certificate

Have a valid signed certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority for the appliance. You must use this when setting up secure communications between the TeamWorks and the Content Editor appliances.