9.6 /vashare Allocation and Creation

/vashare Planning Tips and Caveats

  • Monitor and clean up the /vashare/cachefilestore area as needed.

    Cached files are automatically deleted on an appliance restart when they exceed 10 GB in size.

  • Windows NFS services are not supported.

  • The NFS server should be on or near the same subnet as the TeamWorks deployment. TeamWorks is not latency tolerant.

  • When exporting the remote NFS directory, you must specify the rw and no_root_squash export options.

  • To secure NFS server access, as you specify the export options for the exported directory, make sure to create a DNS entry for each TeamWorks appliance that needs access.

    Otherwise, any NFS client on the network will be able to mount the exported directory.

/vashare Sizing

The allocation for /vashare is calculated in “Worksheet 14 - Storage Planning Summary” based on information you entered previously as explained in Table 9-6.

Table 9-6 Using Worksheet 14 - Storage Planning Summary (/vashare)


Recommendations and Guidelines

Planning Worksheet Example

  • /vashare

You must create an external NFS share for this. It must be large enough to accommodate some system configuration information but mostly attachments and shared files.

Additionally, file versioning is enabled in TeamWorks, meaning that a copy is made each time a file is saved.

The worksheet calculates this as follows:

  1. It allocates 10 GB for system configuration files.

  2. It includes the attachment estimate calculated on Worksheet 6 - User Gen’d Storage & Limits.