5.1 User-Generated Data

Table 5-1 Worksheet 6—User Generated Storage and Limitations

Heading, Label, or Topic:

Information and Instructions:

Estimate: Disk Space Needed for Topics and Comments

Room names and descriptions, topics, and comments are all stored in the SQL database. Depending on the database, a liberal estimate of the disk space consumed by these would be double the size of the text strings themselves.

For example, the comment This is a very good idea. We should pursue it. Is 46 characters long and would, therefore, require 46 Bytes.

If we double the Byte count to plan for database overhead, it would still only consume 92 Bytes, meaning that over 11,000 such comments would fit in one MB of disk space.

For this reason, the development team believes that allocating 20 GB of database disk space to TeamWorks should be sufficient in the vast majority of cases.

On the PostgreSQL appliance, the database is located on the /vastorage disk.

Estimate: Disk Space Needed for Attachments, Shared Files, and Versioning Overhead

Each attachment is assumed to consume its size in disk space.

For this option, do the following:

  1. Double-click the GB cell next to the Total Disk Space for Attachments per User field and estimate how much disk space the average user will consume for attachments and shared files.

  2. The number of Users is automatically derived from the numbers that you entered in Worksheet 4 - Users and Groups.

  3. The spreadsheet calculates the Total Disk Space for Attachments by multiplying the estimated attachment size by the number of users.

  4. <Estimated average number of versions retained.>

File Upload Size Limits

Although you can’t directly limit how many attachments users might create, you can limit how large those attachments can be.

By default, there is no limit on attachment file size, but you can adjust this as follows:

  1. Use the Default File Upload Size Limit field to set a default file upload size.

  2. Set limits for specific users and groups.

    NOTE:Although groups are not yet supported for room membership, they are fully functional where included in administrative settings.


  1. After you have planned for user-generated storage, continue with Planning TeamWorks Email Integration.