13.3 Creating a Microsoft SQL Database

Before you begin, you should be familiar with standard database maintenance procedures.

For more information about Microsoft SQL, see the following references:

The following database tool can be helpful:

To create a Microsoft SQL database:

  1. Review the Microsoft SQL requirements listed in Section 2.1, Vibe Server Requirements.

  2. Make sure that the Microsoft SQL Server and Client have been installed and configured properly.

    IMPORTANT:Make sure that TCP/IP is enabled for the Microsoft SQL Server.

    For more information, see Microsoft SQL Server.

  3. Make sure that the Microsoft SQL database client is also installed on the Vibe server.

    The Vibe installation program needs the Microsoft SQL client in order to communicate with the remote Microsoft SQL database server.

  4. When you install Microsoft SQL Server, select SQL Server and Windows for authentication.

    The default is Windows Only, which is not appropriate for Vibe.

  5. Immediately establish the database administrator username and password for the SQL database server.

  6. Change to the directory where you copied the database scripts in Step 4 in Section 13.1, Preparing to Manually Create a Database.

  7. Enter the following command to run the Microsoft SQL database creation script:

    osql -Uuser -Ppassword -i create-database-sqlserver.sql

  8. Skip to Section 13.5, Installing Vibe with a Remote Database.