13.1 Preparing to Manually Create a Database

Novell Vibe includes scripts for creating the Vibe database on a remote server.

  1. Copy the teaming-3.1.n-sql.zip file from the Vibe server where the Vibe installation program is located and copy it to the database server.


    Download and unzip the Vibe software onto the database server.

  2. In the directory where the Vibe Installation program is located on the database server, or in the location where you copied the teaming-3.1.n-sql.zip file, unzip the teaming-3.1.n-sql.zip file.

    This creates two new subdirectories, the create subdirectory for database creation scripts and the update-3.0.n-3.1.n directory for database update scripts.

  3. Change to the create subdirectory.

  4. Copy all the scripts for your database type to a convenient temporary location on the server where you want to create the database, and make sure that your database management utility is on your path so that you can run it from that directory


    Database Script

    Database Management Utility




    Microsoft SQL






  5. Continue with the instructions for the type of database that you want to create: