10.2 Using Weekend and Holiday Information in Tasks and Workflows

10.2.1 When Calculating Task Durations

If you have configured weekends and holidays, task durations exclude these days when calculating task due dates. For example, a task with a duration of 10 days translates into two full weeks (assuming a two-day weekend for each week). For more information about task durations, see Working with Tasks Folders in the Novell Vibe 3.3 User Guide.

NOTE:Configuring a weekend and holiday schedule or changing an existing weekend and holiday schedule does not immediately affect the due dates of existing tasks. Existing tasks are affected only after the due dates are recalculated, such as when a new task (that includes a task duration) is added to the Tasks folder where the existing tasks are located.

10.2.2 When Configuring Workflow Transitions

If you have configured weekends and holidays, the weekend and holiday schedule can be leveraged by users when configuring workflows to transition after a specified number of days, as described in Transition After Time Elapsed in Creating and Managing Workflows in the Novell Vibe 3.3 Advanced User Guide.