6.0 Updating Your Vibe License

Several different Vibe licenses are available:

If you originally installed Vibe with an Evaluation License or a Starter Pack License, it is easy to update your Vibe site with a new license file.

  1. Copy the new license file that you downloaded from one of the sources listed above into the directory where you originally ran the Vibe installation program.

  2. Rename the existing license-key.xml file to a different name.

  3. Rename the new license file to license-key.xml.

  4. Stop Vibe.

  5. Run the Vibe Installation program, select the Reconfigure Settings option, then select the Basic Installation option.

  6. Click Next through all the installation program pages, then click Install to update your Vibe license.

  7. Start Vibe.

  8. Log in to the Vibe site as the Vibe administrator.

  9. Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the page, then click the Administration Console icon .

  10. Under Management, click License.

    You should see the contents of the new license file.

  11. Click Close.

At any time, you can generate a report of license usage, as described in License Report in Site Maintenance in the Novell Vibe 3.3 Administration Guide.