6.1 Working with Discussion Folders

Use discussions as a way of obtaining comments and feedback to questions and thoughts that you might have. You can start general discussion threads in the Discussion folder in your personal workspace. For discussion threads that are more specific to a project or team, start the discussion thread in the Discussion folder of the appropriate workspace.

Starting a discussion thread is often more effective than sending individual users an e-mail, because other interested parties and knowledge holders can easily join the discussion, without waiting for the e-mail to be forwarded partway through the discussion.

By default, the Discussion folder is sorted with the most recent discussions appearing first in the list of discussion entries.

6.1.1 Sorting Discussion Entries by Column Title

You can organize your discussion entries by any of the column titles, which are Entry Number (No.), Title, State, Author, Date, or Rating.

To sort discussion entries by column titles:

  1. Click the title of the column that represents how you want to sort your discussions.

    The Sort icon is displayed next to the column title that represents how the discussions are being sorted.

  2. Click the column title again to reverse the sort order for the discussions.

6.1.2 Pinning Discussion Entries

Novell Vibe enables you to pin discussion entries, which makes them easy to view in the future by bringing them to the top of the list of discussion entries. This is like placing a bookmark on a discussion entry that you want to keep track of.

  1. In a Discussion folder, click the gray Pin icon next to a discussion entry that you are interested in.

    The Pin icon changes from gray to orange. The next time the page refreshes, the discussion entry is brought to the top of the list of discussion entries. It remains at the top of the list until you click the Pin icon again, and un-pin the discussion entry.

    You can pin multiple discussion entries. Pinned discussion entries are sorted alphabetically by title.

6.1.3 Viewing Discussion Entries

  1. Click the title of the discussion entry.

    The discussion entry is opened either in the Content Area or in a dialog box, as described in Section 7.19, Configuring the Display Style of Entries.

6.1.4 Customizing Columns in Discussions Folders

For information on how to customize the columns that appear in Discussions folders, see Section 5.12, Configuring Folder Columns.