6.2 Working with Blog Folders

Blogs are a good way to express your thoughts about topics that are important to you. For example, if you are working on a project and are responsible for a certain aspect of that project, you can update your team on your individual progress by posting a blog in the Blog folder in the team workspace.

6.2.1 Using the Blog Toolbar

Unlike other folder views, the Blog folder provides the Blog toolbar on each entry. The toolbar is displayed at the bottom of any blog entry, and enables you to do several actions without opening the entry:

  • Add Comment: Enables you to quickly add a comment to an entry.

  • View Comments: Opens a list containing all of the comments that have been made on the entry.

  • Send to Friend: Enables you to e-mail the blog entry to anybody who might be interested in viewing it.

  • Subscribe: Enables you to send notifications to yourself when activity takes place in this entry. For more information, see Section 2.11, Subscribing to a Folder or Entry.

6.2.2 Organizing Your Blog Folder

There are various ways that you can organize your Blog folder.

Creating a New Blog Page

You can organize your Blog folder into separate Blog pages. Blog pages are displayed in the Blog sidebar, located in the right section of the Blog folder, above the Archives section. Also, in the Navigation panel, you can expand your Blog folder to view your Blog pages.

To create a new Blog page:

  1. In a Blog folder, click New Blog Page in the Folder Entry toolbar.

  2. In the Title field, specify the name of the new Blog page that you want to create.

  3. Click OK.

Sorting Blog Entries

You can sort your blog entries by Entry Number (No.), Title, State, Author, Created/Modified.

  1. Click the Sort by drop-down list in the Folder Entry toolbar.

  2. Select how you want to sort the entries in your Blog folder.

Using the Archives Section

The Blog sidebar in the Blog folder includes an Archives section that displays each month of the year that blogs were created. When you first enter a Blog folder, all of the blog entries are displayed in the main viewing area. Selecting an archived month simply filters the entries in the folder to display only entries that were created in that month.

You can use the Archives section to quickly navigate to a specific blog entry if you know the month when it was created. Or, you can view all of the blog entries that were created in any given month.

  1. In the Archives section, click the month the blog was created.

    The most recent month is displayed at the top of the Archives section.

    In the main viewing area of the Blog folder, Novell Vibe displays all of the blog entries that were created in that month.

  2. (Optional) You can further navigate to the blog you are looking for by clicking the name of the Blog page where the blog is stored.

    The blog is displayed in the Content Area.