2.4 Deploying an Extension

After you have created and packaged an extension, it is ready to deploy into your Vibe site.

NOTE:If your extension requires additional configuration after it is deployed into the Vibe site, ensure that you provide installation instructions on the page where the extension is downloaded.

You can deploy a Vibe extension in the following two ways:

2.4.1 Deploying an Extension from the Vibe Interface

For information on how to deploy an extension by using the Vibe interface, see Adding Software Extensions to Your Vibe Site in the Novell Vibe 3.4 Administration Guide.

2.4.2 Deploying an Extension from the Vibe Server

  1. Copy the ZIP file that contains all the necessary files for your extension to the following location on the Vibe server: /var/opt/teamingdata/extensions/kablink/pickup

    Vibe periodically checks this directory and deploys the file on the Vibe server.