20.9 Limiting User Visibility

Path to Configuration Page: Vibe Administration Console > Management > Limit User Visibility

By default, each Vibe user can see all other Vibe users on the site.

Vibe lets you restrict the users that appear in Vibe dialogs and so on, to only those within groups to which a user belongs.

For additional information and instructions on limiting user visibility, see Restricting Groups of Users from Seeing One Another.

20.9.1 Creating User Visibility Limitations

For administrative efficiency and as a best practice, user-visibility limitations are usually applied to one or more groups.

Most organization choose to limit visibility at the group level and then manage exceptions by creating overrides for individual users. However, limitations can be applied to individual users if needed.

  1. Identify the groups whose users require and/or will benefit from having user-visibility limitations set.

  2. Identify group users who will need to be able to collaborate and share on a system-wide basis and will therefore need overrides.

  3. Log in as an administrator, open the Vibe Administration Console > Management > Limit User Visibility.

  4. Use the Add Limitation button to add user-visibility limitations to the groups (or users) identified.

  5. Use the Add Override as needed.

  6. If you need to remove a limitation, select the line to be removed and use the Remove Visibility Settings button to remove the setting from the list.