Returns summary information for users and groups. (V1—V1.0.3)


public String getAllPrincipalsAsXML( int firstRecord, int maxRecords );


The getAllPrincipalsAsXML operation returns XML elements that provide summary information about registered users and defined groups. You can use this operation to identify a particular user by name or other data, obtain an identifier for a particular user, and then use the getPrincipalAsXML operation to gather a finer level of information about that person.

Parameters and Return Value


The index of the first record whose user or group information you want to obtain. The index for the first principal in the system is 1.


The maximum number of user and group records whose information should be returned.

You can use the previous parameter and this parameter in subsequent calls to getAllPrincipalsAsXML to process data for sets of users and groups at a time (for example, 50 at a time, or 100 at a time).


A string containing the XML elements providing information about the requested set of users and groups.


call.setOperationName(new QName("getAllPrincipalsAsXML")); Object result = call.invoke(new Object[] {new Integer(100), new Integer(50)});

This code requests information for users and groups starting with the record number 100 and including up to 50 records.

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