OpenText Vibe Add-In 4.0.8 Release Notes

March 2024

1.0 Product Overview

The OpenText Vibe Add-in enables you to work with Microsoft Office documents on the Vibe site without ever leaving Microsoft Office. You can easily browse to a document that is located on the Vibe site, open the document, edit it, then save it back to the Vibe site, directly from Microsoft Office.

You can work directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents.

2.0 Vibe Add-In System Requirements

2.1 Office Requirements

The Vibe Add-in is supported with the following versions of Microsoft Office:

  • Microsoft Office 2019, with the latest support pack

  • Microsoft Office 2016, with the latest support pack

  • Microsoft Office 2013, with the latest support pack

2.2 Operating System Requirements

The Vibe Add-in is supported for the following versions of the Windows operating system:

  • Windows 2022 32-bit or 64-bit or later

2.3 Vibe Requirements

The Vibe system that you connect to must be Vibe 4.8 or later.

3.0 Installing and Upgrading to the Vibe Add-In 4.0.8

To install the Vibe Add-In 4.0.8 as a new installation or update an existing installation, simply download and install the 4.0.8 software. No additional steps are required.

4.0 Vibe Add-In Issues

4.1 The Installer Does Not Automatically Restart after .NET Framework Is Installed

If the .NET Framework is not already installed on your workstation, the Vibe Add-in installation program installs it for you. Installation of the .NET Framework requires that your workstation is rebooted. After your workstation reboots, you need to manually restart the Vibe Add-in installation program:

  1. Navigate to the location where the VibeAddinSetup.exe file was downloaded.

  2. Run the VibeAddinSetup.exe file.

4.2 Unable to Merge Changes with Changes Made by Another User in Word 2013

When using Word 2013, an error message is displayed when users attempt to merge changes with changes made by another user, as described in Co-Editing a Vibe Document in Micro Focus Vibe Add-In 4.0.8 Quick Start.

4.3 Embedded Images in Entry Descriptions Are Not Displayed

Images that are embedded in the Description section of an entry are displayed as broken when viewing the entry from Microsoft Office with the Vibe Add-in. However, you can still edit the text of the entry description from Microsoft Office with the Vibe Add-in.

4.4 Vibe Add-In Does Not Work When the Vibe Server Is Configured with Windows Authentication

If your Vibe server is configured with Windows Authentication, the Vibe Add-in cannot open or edit files on your Vibe site because of a port conflict.

For information about how to work around this issue, see Integrating Windows Authentication with Vibe Desktop and the Vibe Add-In in the Micro Focus Vibe 4.0.8 Administration Guide.

For more information about configuring Windows Authentication for your Vibe site, see Configuring Single Sign-On with Internet Information Services for Windows in the Vibe 4.0.8 Installation Guide.

4.5 Login Information for the Vibe Desktop Application Is Lost

If you are using Vibe Desktop in conjunction with the Vibe Add-in, login information for Vibe Desktop is lost if you configure your account information in the Vibe Add-in to use the system proxy configuration (by selecting Use system proxy configuration), then later configure the account to not use the system proxy configuration.

4.6 Users with Extended and Double-Byte Characters Are Unable to Open a File

After a user with extended or double-byte characters in their Vibe user name adds their Vibe account using the Microsoft Office Add-In (as described in Setting Up the Integration in the Micro Focus Vibe Add-In 4.0.8 Quick Start), the user is unable to open a Vibe file via the Add-In.

4.7 Cannot Save a New Document to Vibe When Using a Document Management System

When using a document management system (such as OpenText), you cannot save a new document to the Vibe site directly from the Vibe Add-In.

5.0 Vibe Add-In Documentation

For information about how to install, configure, and use the Vibe Add-in, see the Vibe Add-In Quick Start.

For information on how to enable users to edit Vibe documents with the Vibe Add-in, see Providing File Access and Editing for Vibe Users in the Micro Focus Vibe 4.0.8 Administration Guide.

6.0 Legal Notice

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