1.5 Setting Up Your Personal Workspace

Before you take advantage of all of the features and functionality of Vibe, you might want to customize your personal workspace.

1.5.1 Modifying Your Profile

You might need to manually update your profile in order for important contact information to be seen, such as your email address, phone number, time zone, and picture.

Another reason to modify your profile is to publicize your skills and past experience to other Vibe users. One advantage of Vibe is the ability to find experts on any subject within your organization. You, as a Vibe user, have the ability to be a subject-matter expert.

NOTE:If you are unable to modify your personal information (such as your Vibe password) as described in this section, it is probably because your personal information is being synchronized from an external directory server. You must consult your Vibe administrator to make changes.

  1. Click your linked name in the upper right corner of any Vibe page.

  2. Click View Profile.

  3. Click Edit, make any necessary changes, then click OK.

1.5.2 Branding Your Workspace

Adding a personal brand to your workspace can enhance the appearance of your workspace and make you feel more at home.

  1. Navigate to your personal workspace.

  2. Next to the workspace name, click the Configure icon , then click Brand Workspace.

    The Workspace/Folder Branding dialog box is displayed.

  3. Specify the following information to create your desired brand:

    Use Branding Image: Select this option if you want to use the drop-down list to select an existing image, or click the Browse icon to browse to an image on your computer’s file system.

    Use Advanced Branding: Select this option, then click Advanced if you want to create a brand that includes advanced features, such as a YouTube video.

    You can add a YouTube video in your branding section by inserting a Media object.

    For more information about displaying YouTube videos in Vibe, see Displaying YouTube Videos in a Folder Entry.

    Background Image: Click the Browse icon to browse to an image on your computer’s file system. The provided drop-down list contains images only if you are branding a team workspace and if you have attached images to the workspace, as described in Modifying a Workspace.

    The background image is displayed behind your regular branding.

    Stretch Image: Stretches the background image so that it occupies the entire branding area.

    If you stretch your background image, the image overrides any background color that you have set.

    Background Color: Adds a background color that occupies the entire branding area. To change the background color, click the color name to the right of this field, select the new color, then click OK.

    If you added a background image and stretched the image, the background color is not displayed.

    Text Color: Changes the text color of the workspace name in the upper right corner of the branding area. To change the text color, click the color name to the right of this field, select the new color, then click OK.

    Clear branding: Click this option to clear all of your current branding selections.

  4. Click OK.

    Your workspace now displays the brand that you created.

For more information about creating a brand for workspaces and folders, see Branding a Folder or Workspace in the OpenText Vibe 4.0.8 Advanced User Guide.