1.11 Filtering Lists

You can filter lists of users, groups, and more. The Filter is located in the upper-right corner of most pages of the Web Admin Console.

1.11.1 Using the Basic Filter

  1. In the Filter field, specify how you want to filter the list, then press Enter.

1.11.2 Using the Advanced Filter

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Filter field to display the Filter dialog box.

    Different options are available, depending on the page you are currently viewing.

    ID: Filter by the User ID.

    First: Filter by the user’s first name.

    Last: Filter by the user’s last name.

    Email: Filter by the user’s e-mail address.

    Name: Filter by the group or user name.

    Starts with: Filter by the first letters of the text in the Filter field.

    Contains: Filter by the text in the Filter field.

    Ends with: Filter by the last letters of the text in the Filter field.

    Filter: Specify text that you want to filter for.

  2. Click OK.