2.14 Adding Gadgets to a Message

Gadgets can enhance the functionality of your messages, making them more rich and useful.

  1. Begin creating a message, as described in Section 2.1, Sending Messages.


    Edit an existing message, as described in Section 2.9, Editing Existing Messages and Replies.

  2. Click the Gadget icon Visit a Message.

    Select a Gadget
  3. Select from the list of available gadgets:

    Mini Spreadsheet: Provides a spreadsheet where you can add and store information in spreadsheet format.

    Video: Enables you to upload a video.

    Whiteboard: Provides a whiteboard where you can draw.

    MindMap: Enables you to capture and organize thoughts and ideas with a clustered brainstorming tool.

    Custom Gadget: Enables you to add a custom gadget, such as a gadget from a third party. Paste the URL to the custom gadget into the Attach Gadget field, then click Done.

    You do not paste the actual XML into the Attach Gadget field.

  4. After you have produced the desired result with the gadget, click Done.