A.5 User Interface Improvements (v3)

The user interface for Novell Vibe 3 has been significantly redesigned to facilitate maximum productivity.

A.5.1 Masthead

The Masthead in Vibe 3 has been simplified to include access to your personal workspace, your personal preferences , Vibe Feeds , and Help documentation . It also provides an easy way to log out of the Vibe site .

For more information about the Masthead, see Section 1.3.1, Understanding the Masthead.

A.5.2 Navigation Panel

The Navigation panel in Vibe 3 has been consolidated and refined to include only the tree navigation, which enables you to view the current workspace and all sub-workspaces and sub-folders.

For more information, see Section 3.0, Navigating the Novell Vibe Interface.

A.5.3 Action Toolbar

The Action toolbar in Vibe 3 has been consolidated and simplified to include most of the actions that users can perform. From the Action toolbar, users can navigate to their personal workspaces, team workspaces, favorites, and recent places. Also, users can perform various actions on the folder or workspace that they are currently viewing, such as viewing activity reports and creating a brand. Users can also use the Action toolbar to search the Vibe site or to browse the Workspace tree.

For more information about the Action toolbar, see Section 1.3.3, Understanding the Action Toolbar.