B.15 Troubleshooting Your Mobile Device

The following sections provide guidance for difficulties you might encounter when accessing Novell Vibe from a mobile device:

B.15.1 Your Browser Does Not Automatically Direct You to the Mobile Interface

Problem: When you access Vibe from your mobile device, the regular Vibe interface is displayed rather than the Vibe mobile interface. Because the regular Vibe interface is not optimized for mobile devices, this can make accomplishing tasks in Vibe difficult.

Some mobile device browsers do not automatically direct you to the Vibe mobile interface.

You can resolve this problem by manually accessing the Vibe mobile interface from your mobile device:

  1. Launch a browser on your mobile device.

  2. Specify the URL for your Vibe site, followed by /mobile.

    For example: http://host/mobile.

    The Vibe mobile interface is displayed.

B.15.2 You Are Unable to View YouTube Videos from Your Mobile Device

Problem: You are unable to view YouTube videos when you access Vibe from a mobile device, such as a BlackBerry.

If you are unable to view YouTube videos when you access Vibe from your mobile device, your device is probably not properly configured. To fix this problem:

  1. Launch a Web browser, then navigate to the YouTube mobile interface.

  2. Click the Help link, located near the bottom of the page.

  3. Follow the instructions for optimizing YouTube Mobile for your device.

B.15.3 Your BlackBerry Curve Does Not Work with the Mobile Interface

Problem: You cannot get the Vibe mobile interface to function on your BlackBerry Curve.

The BlackBerry Curve has issues with JavaScript, and does not work with the Vibe mobile interface.

To fix this problem, update the browser on your BlackBerry Curve by updating the device software. For information on how to do this, see the BlackBerry Web site http://docs.blackberry.com/en/ for documentation about updating your BlackBerry device software.