13.1 Understanding Data Quotas

Only files and attachments count toward your data quota. Workspaces, folders, and entries that do not contain files and attachments do not count toward your data quota. Files and attachments must be deleted and purged in order to make more disk space available.

The Novell Vibe OnPrem administrator can enable two kinds of data quotas:

The administrator can enable one of these quotas, or both of them.

13.1.1 Understanding User Data Quotas

User data quotas limit the amount of data individual users can add to the Vibe site. Any files and attachments that you add to the Vibe site counts toward your data quota, regardless of the folders or workspaces where you add them.

13.1.2 Understanding Workspace and Folder Data Quotas

Workspace and folder quotas limit the amount of data that can be stored in individual workspaces and folders.

Sub-workspaces and sub-folders that have a data quota are subject to their own data quota as well as any data quotas that exist on parent folders and workspaces. For example, consider a workspace that has a data quota of 50 MB. The workspace contains two sub-workspaces: Workspace A and Workspace B. Users cannot upload data that is in excess of 50 MB into either of these sub-workspaces. Furthermore, users cannot upload data into both of these sub-workspaces that is in excess of 50 MB (for example, users cannot upload data that is in excess of 30 MB into both sub-workspace, because the amount of combined data for both sub-workspaces is greater than 50 MB).