2.5 Selecting a Network Server Distribution Option

After you have set up your network installation of the Novell Client, you must decide how to distribute the install files. You can modify the login script to launch installation files, distribute the files through ZENworks, or use another method you have available on your network.

For more information on using login scripts, see Distributing the Novell Client Using Login Scripts. For more information on using ZENworks, see the documentation associated with the installed version of ZENworks.

2.5.1 Distributing the Novell Client Using Login Scripts

You need to modify login scripts for users whose workstations are upgraded. To upgrade workstations for users in a container, modify that container's login script. To upgrade workstations for users in a profile, modify that profile's login script. To upgrade specific users' workstations, modify those users' login scripts.

  1. In Novell iManager, make sure you are in the Roles and Tasks view by clicking Roles and Tasks icon on the top button bar.

  2. Select Users > Modify User

  3. Specify a username and context, then click OK.

  4. Click General > Login Script.

  5. Type the login script commands and information in the Login script box.

    For a sample of the login script commands that you need to add to the scripts, see Sample Client Installation Login Script.

    IMPORTANT:Make sure that you edit the sample login script to match the server names, directory paths, and specifications of your own network.

    For additional information on all login script commands, see the Novell Login Scripts Guide.

  6. To save the login script, click OK.

2.5.2 Sample Client Installation Login Script

The following sample shows the commands that you add to the login script in order to install the client software from the network. The sample includes text for installing across an internal network.

NOTE:In this sample, the text that is necessary to the script is represented in uppercase letters. The information that you should customize for your network is in lowercase letters.

REM ***** Windows Vista *****
   WRITE “Updating Novell Client for Windows.”