1.4 ZENworks Terminology

Table 1-1 ZENworks ConfigurationAsset Management Terminology



inventoried-only device

Device where the ZENworks Adaptive Agent is not or cannot be installed. Instead, you install the Inventory Only Module on these devices so that you can use Asset Inventory to inventory them. Optionally, you can run the Portable Collector to inventory them. For more information, see Adaptive Agent Versus Inventory-Only Module and Deploying the Inventory-Only Module in the ZENworks 10 Discovery, Deployment, and Retirement Reference.

Inventory Only Module

Software installed on a device that enables it to be inventoried. This is normally installed on devices running the Mac OS* X, NetWare® 5.1/6/6.5, OES (NetWare), Unix (Sun Solaris, HP UX, or IBM AIX), or Linux operating systems, which are not supported as managed devices.

managed device

A Windows server or workstation that has the Adaptive Agent installed and is registered in the Management Zone.

management console or administration workstation

The device where you run ZENworks Control Center in your Web browser.

Management Zone

Consists of at least one Primary Server. It can contain other Primary Servers and one or more workstations as managed devices. It can also contain inventoried-only devices.

Primary Server

A machine that contains the ZENworks services and content repository. Optionally, it might also contain the ZENworks database, but on only one of the Primary Servers per zone. A Management Zone can have multiple Primary Servers.

Portable Collector

A software utility that can inventory any device and create a file that is accessible in ZENworks Control Center as if it were a device. This file is then used for obtaining inventory data about the device. For more information, see Using the Portable Collector in the ZENworks 10 Asset Inventory Reference.


A Satellite is a device that can perform certain roles that a ZENworks Primary Server normally performs. A Satellite can be any managed device (server or workstation) or an unmanaged Linux device (server or workstation). When you configure a Satellite device, you specify which roles it performs (Imaging, Collection, or Content).

For more information, see Satellites in the ZENworks 10 Asset Management System Administration Reference.

ZENworks Adaptive Agent

Software installed on a Windows server or workstation that enables it to be managed by a Primary Server. The Adaptive Agent consists of modules that support software delivery, policy enforcement, imaging, remote management, inventory, and so forth. For more information, seeZENworks Adaptive Agent Deployment in the ZENworks 10 Asset Management System Administration Reference.

ZENworks Control Center

The Web-based administrative console used to manage the ZENworks Configuration Management system. For more information, seeZENworks Control Center in the ZENworks 10 Asset Management Administration Quick Start.

ZENworks database

The database that contains information about the software available for delivery, the hardware and software inventory lists collected from devices, and the actions scheduled to take place within the system.

The database can reside on a Primary Server, or it can reside on a remote server as an external database. By default, all Primary Servers require access to the database.

For information on supported databases, see Database Requirements in the ZENworks 10 Asset Management Installation Guide.

For more information on the ZENworks database, see Database Management in the ZENworks 10 Asset Management System Administration Reference.


A command line interface for managing your ZENworks system. The zman utility is useful for automating tasks (through scripts) and performing mass management tasks that might be tedious to perform in ZENworks Control Center. For example, configuring settings for a large number of devices, or adding an action to a large number of bundles.

zman is available on all Primary Servers.

For more information, see ZENworks Command Line Utilities in the ZENworks 10 Asset Management Command Line Utilities Reference.


A command line management interface for the Novell ZENworks Adaptive Agent. The zac utility performs command line management functions on the ZENworks managed device, including installing and removing software bundles, applying policies, and registering and unregistering the device.