2.1 ZENworks Control Center

ZENworks Control Center is installed on all ZENworks Servers in the Management Zone. You can perform all management tasks on any ZENworks Server.

2.1.1 Accessing ZENworks Control Center

  1. Using a Web browser that meets the requirements listed in Administration Browser Requirements in the ZENworks 10 Asset Management Installation Guide, enter the following URL:


    Replace ZENworks_Server_Address with the IP address or DNS name of the ZENworks Server. You only need to specify the port if you are not using one of the default ports (80 or 443). ZENworks Control Center requires an HTTPS connection; HTTP requests are redirected to HTTPS.

    The login dialog box is displayed.

    ZENworks Login dialog box
  2. In the Username field, type Administrator.

  3. In the Password field, type the Administrator password created during installation.

    To prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to ZENworks Control Center, the administrator account is disabled after three unsuccessful login attempts, and a 60-second timeout is enforced before you can attempt another login. To change these default values, see Changing the Default Login Disable Values in the ZENworks 10 Asset Management System Administration Reference.

  4. Click Login to display ZENworks Control Center.

    For more detailed information on logging in as a different administrator, see Accessing ZENworks Control Center in the ZENworks 10 Asset Management System Administration Reference.

NOTE:If you use Novell iManager as the management tool for other Novell products, you can set up ZENworks Control Center to be available through iManager. For instructions, see Accessing ZENworks Control Center through Novell iManager in the ZENworks 10 Asset Management System Administration Reference.

2.1.2 Navigating ZENworks Control Center

The following Servers page represents a standard view in ZENworks Control Center.

Navigation Tabs: The tabs in the left pane let you navigate among the functional areas of ZENworks. For example, the Servers page shown above lets you manage tasks associated with servers.

Task List: The task list in the left pane provides quick access to the most commonly performed tasks for the current page. The task list changes for each page.

Frequently Used Objects: The Frequently Used list in the left pane displays the 10 objects that you have accessed most often, from most used to least used. Clicking an object takes you directly to the details page for the object.

Work Panel: The work panels are where you monitor and manage your ZENworks system. The panels change depending on the current page. In the above example, there are two work panels: Devices and Search. The Devices panel lists the servers, folders, server groups, and dynamic server groups that have been created; you use this panel to manage servers. The Search panel lets you filter the Devices panel based on criteria such as a server’s name, operating system, or status.

Help Information: The Help button links to Help topics that provide information about the current page. The Help button links change depending on the current page.