2.3 zac Command Line Utility

The zac utility provides a command line management interface that lets you perform tasks available in the ZENworks Adaptive Agent.

2.3.1 Location

The utility is installed on all Windows managed devices in the following location:


where %ZENWORKS_HOME% represents the ZENworks installation path. The default path is c:\program files\novell\zenworks\bin on a 32-bit Windows device and c:\program files (x86)\novell\zenworks\bin on a 64-bit Windows device.

2.3.2 Syntax

The zac utility uses the following basic syntax:

zac command options

For example, to initiate an inventory scan on a device, you use the following command:

zac inv scannow

where inv is the command and scannow is the command option.

2.3.3 Help with Commands

The best way to understand the commands is to use the online help or see zac(1) in the ZENworks 10 Asset Management Command Line Utilities Reference.

To use the online help:

  1. On the managed device, enter one of the following commands at a command prompt.



    zac --help

    Displays a complete list of commands.

    zac command --help

    Displays detailed help for a command.