6.3 Streaming Virtual Applications from a Network Share

The SpoonPlay command line tool is a utility for running streamed applications from a network share. After you package the application and create the streaming files, you can store the files on a network share or a Web server. SpoonPlay manages the launch and local cache of streamed virtual applications from a network share to a desktop.

6.3.1 Setting Up SpoonPlay to Stream Applications

The SpoonPlay command line tool (spoonplay.exe) ships with xvm.exe. Copy this file to the same folder where you run spoonplay.exe. The spoonplay.exe file streams the application, and the xvm.exe file runs it.

6.3.2 Using the SpoonPlay Command Line

There are only two available command line options in SpoonPlay. The run option defines the application to launch.

Syntax Example: /run \\path_to_streaming_files\streamingfile.xm

The cache option defines whether to cache the application locally and where the application should be cached.

Syntax Example: /cache C:\path_to_cache_location

6.3.3 Integrating SpoonPlay with the SpoonReg Command Line Tool

You can use the spoonreg command line tool to supply shell integration such as desktop shortcuts, Start menu shortcuts, and file associations.

To use spoonreg with SpoonPlay, use the cache option and execute spoonreg only after caching is complete. When the application is completely cached, SpoonPlay returns an exit code of zero (0). Based on this, you can write a script to launch a streaming model and register the application when caching is complete and the application is closed.

The following example shows the use of command line options and integration of spoonreg in a script:

spoonplay.exe /run \\path\to\model\model.xm /cache C:\path\to\svm\application.svm spoonreg.exe C:\path\to\svm\application.svm