33.2 Viewing a Predefined Report

The ZENworks Reporting Server must be installed and configured before you can use the predefined reports. For information, see the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Reporting Server Installation Guide.

  1. In the ZENworks Control Center, click the Reports tab.

  2. In the ZENworks Reporting Server panel, click ZENworks Reporting Server InfoView.

    The InfoView is the main interface for working with the ZENworks Reporting Server reports.

  3. Click Document List.

  4. Navigate to the All > Public Folders > Novell ZENworks Reports > Predefined Reports > Asset Management > License Management folder.

    The Asset Management reports are organized in four subfolders: License Allocation, Purchases, Software Compliance, and Suites. For a brief description of each report, see Section 33.1, Predefined Reports.

  5. Open the folder that contains a report you want to view.

  6. Double-click the report to view it.