Uninstalling Applications

Any application (including MSI-based applications) distributed through ZENworks® for Desktops (ZfD) Application Management can be uninstalled. You can choose whether or not to uninstall all files, shortcuts, INI entries, and registry entries that were installed or modified with the application.

Each user's workstation contains a local cache that contains information about applications installed on the workstation. When you uninstall an application, this cache is used to ensure that the appropriate files and settings are removed from the workstation. If the application's source files have been copied to the workstation's local cache, the source files are also removed. For more information about the local cache, see Running in Disconnected Mode .

By default, the ability to uninstall an application is disabled. You must first enable an application to be uninstalled. After that, you can uninstall an application by disassociating it with users or workstations, you can configure an application to be uninstalled after a certain period of unuse, or your users can use Novell® Application LauncherTM/Explorer to uninstall an application (provided you've enabled this functionality). See the following sections for information:

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