Application Launcher

Application Launcher, shown below, is a standalone window that can be accessed from the workstation's desktop.

Application Launcher window

NOTE:  You can replace the Windows desktop with the Application Launcher window. For instructions, see Using Application Launcher as the Windows Shell .

Application Launcher Features

By default, the Application Launcher window is divided into two panes, much like Windows Explorer. In the left pane, Application Launcher displays the following:

When the user selects a tree or folder in the left pane, the right pane displays the items (folders or applications) that are contained within the tree or folder.

Using the Application Launcher window, the user can do the following:

As administrator, you control the availability of certain features that enable users to do the following:

For information about configuring Application Launcher, see Configuring Application Launcher/Explorer .

Application Launcher Files

Application Launcher consists of the following files:

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