Setting Up Site Lists

Site lists let you link an application at one site (Site A) to an application at another site (Site B). When a user at Site A launches the application, the Site A application is used. However, if the user travels to Site B and launches the application, the application from Site B is used. This ensures that users who travel from site to site continue to have fast access to their applications while reducing WAN traffic and associated costs.

For example, users at two different sites run a spreadsheet application from servers that are local to their sites. Different Application objects are used to distribute and launch the spreadsheet application from the two servers. If you link the two Application objects, any Site1 users who travel to Site2 will be able to run the application from the Site2 server the same way they would run it from their own Site1 server. The same would be true for Site2 users who travel to Site1.

You can link to one other Application object only. However, when you do so, the first Application object is automatically linked to any other Application objects that the second Application object is linked to. For example, you have three identical Application objects (App1, App2, and App3) at three different sites. You link App1 to App2, which creates the following site lists for each of the Application objects:

App1 linked to: App2
App2 linked to: App1
App3 linked to: (nothing)

Because you can link an Application object to only one other Application object, you now need to link App3 to either App1 or App2. Doing so creates the following site list for each of the Application objects:

App1 linked to: App2, App3
App2 linked to: App1, App3
App3 linked to: App1, App2

To establish a site list for an Application object:

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the Application object for which you want to establish a site list > click Properties to display the Application object's property pages.

  2. Click Fault Tolerance > Site List to display the Site List page.

    Application object Site List page

  3. Click Link > browse for and select the Application object you want to link to > click OK to add it to the Application Site List.

    If the Application object you added is also linked to other Application objects, those Application objects will also be added to the list

  4. Repeat the previous step to link to additional Application objects.

  5. Click OK when you are finished.