May 15, 2003

Location Change


Changed Windows NT/2000 to Windows NT/2000/XP to reflect support for Windows XP.

Application Launcher/Explorer Command Line Switches

Corrected the syntax for using the colon (nal : or nalexpld :) startup switch to suppress the initial splash screen. There must be a space between the executable name and the colon.

Order Icon Display (Also Determines Force Run Priority)

Corrected information regarding this field. It does not determine icon display order in Application Launcher/Explorer. It only determines the execution order of applications marked as Force Run.

GUID under Options Page

Corrected information about the GUID setting located on an Application object's Options page (Distribution Options tab > Options page). The GUID does not change when the version number changes.

Path to Executable File

Under the Parameters heading, noted that the Parameter field's character limit is 250.