October 31, 2002 (ZfD 3.2 Support Pack 1)

Location Change

Setting Configuration Options

Under step 5, added information about the new OnDemand UsageServer setting for Novell Application LauncherTM/Explorer.

Configuring Application Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing

Added a new section about using application fault tolerance, load balancing, and site lists.

Icons/Shortcuts Page (.AOT/.AXT Application Object Only)


Registry Page


Application Files Page (.AOT/.AXT Application Object Only)


INI Settings Page


Text Files Page (.AOT/.AXT Application Object Only)


Options Page

Clarified the information about the Distribute Always and Track Distribution Per User settings found on the various Distribution pages of an Application object.

Pre-Install Schedule Page (.AOT/.AXT Application Object Only)


Schedule Page

Clarified information about how the Range of Days > Time for Selected Range setting works. The selected times are used for one day or multiple days. If you select all seven days, the times are ignored and the application is available 24 hours a day for all seven days.