Data Export Error Messages

1101: File filename is not found.
1102: An error occurred while reading from the file filename . Ensure no other applications are using the .EXP and .CFG files, and run the data export program.
1103: Attribute attributename does not exist in the Inventory database. Ensure that .CFG file contains valid Inventory attributes.
1104: Class classname is not found. Unable to connect to the Inventory database because the JDBC driver is not found.
1105: Unable to connect to the Inventory database using the URL urlname . SQL exception occurred sql_error_details .
1106: Unable to connect to the Inventory database.
1108: Unable to disconnect from the Inventory database.
1110: Filename is not a valid .EXP file.
1111: Input-output error occurred while writing to the file filename .
1112: Input-output error occurred while closing the file filename .
1113: Input-output error occurred while opening the file filename in the Write mode.
1116: Parameters parameters_list are not set in the file filename .
1117: Unable to accept the DBUsername and DBPassword due to an input-output error.
1118: Specified database vendorname is not supported in the .EXP file. Ensure the DBVendor=SYBASE or DBVendor=ORACLE.
1121: Cannot write to the file filename . If the file exists, verify the Write permissions.
1123: Invalid site name selection.
1124: Cannot accept site names due to an input-output failure. Run the Data Export program again.
1125: Unable to retrieve the information from the database. Database or network connections are down.
1133: No sites are found. The database is not initialized.
1134: No site names are selected.
Unable to launch Data Export. Configure the database (Click Tools > Configure DB).
Unable to launch Data Export as connection cannot be established to the database. Ensure the properties of the Database Object are configured properly.
Data Export will not proceed. Ensure that the working directory (\CONSOLEONE\ <version_no >\ REPORTING) exists.
Configured database is empty. Data Export will not proceed because export operations cannot be done.
Error in constructing the Data Export Attributes Panel.
Error in invoking the Data Export Criteria dialog.
Specified Data Export configuration file does not exist.
Invalid configuration file will not be opened. You must create the configuration file again.
Configuration will not be saved because the file extension is invalid. Specify .EXP as the file extension.
Invalid file extension for CSV file. Specify .CSV as the file extension.
Specify the .CSV file in to which the inventory data will be exported.
Error creating directory(s) for the CSV file. Data Export will use the default directory.
filename configuration file will not be loaded because the file is for a different language locale. Ensure that you use the correct language locale file.
Error reading the configuration details from filename. Run the Data Export tool to create the configuration file again.
Error saving the configuration changes in filename. Ensure there is disk space or the directory has Write permissions.
Error in attempting to overwrite filename. Ensure the directory has Write permissions and delete the existing file.
filename configuration file is not found.
Configured site names are not found in selected database. Resetting the criteria to include all databases.
Unable to proceed with Data Export because the connection to the database is lost. Exit from the Data Export. Run the Data Export tool again. Configure the database, if required.
Error occurred in the Data Export operation. Retry the export. If the error persists, ensure that you use a valid configuration (Database attributes, Inventory criteria).

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