Unable to view the inventory status reports (XML format) in languages other than English

Explanation:  To view the status of the inventory components, open the INVENTORYLOG.XML status log file in any third-party XML browser.

If there are no browsers that support viewing XML documents in languages other than English, create a comma separated value (.CSV) file and view the .CSV in any third-party CSV viewer such as Microsoft* Excel. The CSV file will have the same contents as the INVENTORYLOG.XML file.

Action:  To create the .CSV file:

  1. Edit the INVENTORYXMLLOG.INI file located on the inventory server (SYS:\PUBLIC\ZENWORKS\WMINV\LOG).

    1. Insert the following parameter in the file: WRITE_TO_TEXT_FILE

  2. Save the changes.

  3. Restart the inventory server.

View the .CSV file to ensure that the file contains the status logs for the inventory components.