5.4 Destroying a Virtual Machine

To destroy a VM, right-click the VM in the Orchestrator Console tree and select Delete/Destroy Resource This action removes the VM from your resource list. The actual image of the VM is still stored in its directory. If the VM was in the VM Warehouse, is be retained there.

5.4.1 Rediscovering a Virtual Machine

If you deleted a VM from your resource tree, and want to find it again, run a discovery job by clicking Provision > Discover VM Images to rediscover any VMs in your data center with unique UUIDs.

5.4.2 Deleting a Virtual Machine from the VM Warehouse

When you have finished using a VM and all its versions in your data center, you can delete its image from the VM Warehouse. To do this, right-click the VM in the VM Management interface and select Delete. This completely deletes the VM and all its versions from your data center. You cannot restore any version of the VM after you delete it from the Warehouse. However, if you do have a checked-out instance of the VM, you can check that back into the Warehouse.