Package com.novell.zos.grid

Interface Summary
AgentListener Interface necessary for processing messages sent from the server.
ClientAgent API for client communication with server for job and datagrid operations.
Credential A Credential used for identity.
Fact The Fact object.
FactSet Definition of a set of facts.
GridObjectInfo Client interface to any Grid Object.
ID A unique identifier for an engine or a facility or Grid object.
JobInfo JobInfo is a client representation of a Deployed Job.
Message The Message interface is a base interface for all the messages in the system.
Message.Ack A general acknowlegement of "action" message.
Message.AuthFailure AuthFailure messages indicates that processing of a client message will not occur because client credentials are invalid.
Message.ClientResponseMessage All messages that can optionally carry an error string back to the client extend this.
Message.Event An Event is used to signal clients and workflows.
Message.GetGridObjects Client request to retrieve an (optionally ordered) set of grid objects that match a search criteria (constraint).
Message.GridObjects Server response to client request to retrieve grid a grid object set.
Message.JobAccepted A JobAccepted message is sent in response to a RunJob message when a job is successfully accepted into the system.
Message.JobError A JobError message is sent when an unrecoverable error occurs in a job.
Message.JobFinished A JobFinished message is sent when processing of a job completes.
Message.JobIdEvent Base Event interface for retrieving JobID used for jobid messages.
Message.JobInfo A JobInfo message contains information describing a deployed job.
Message.Jobs A Jobs messages contains a list of deployed job names.
Message.JobStarted A JobStarted message is sent when a job is successfully started.
Message.JobStatus A JobStatus message contains the state of the specified job.
Message.LoginFailed Response message for an unsuccessful login
Message.LoginSuccess Response message for a successful login.
Message.LogoutAck A LogoutAck indicates success or failure of logout operation.
Message.RunningJobs A RunningJobs message contains the list of running jobs.
Message.ServerStatus A ServerStatus message.
Node Internal interface for Node (Resource) Grid object.
Priority Priority information.
WorkflowInfo A WorkflowInfo can represent either a snapshot of a running instance or an historical record of an instance.

Exception Summary
ClientOutOfDateException Grid exception indicating the client is not compatible with the server.
FactException For exceptions that occur in accessing or setting facts.
GridAuthenticationException Thrown when authentication is denied by a GMS server.
GridAuthorizationException Thrown when credentials are insufficient for the desired grid operation.
GridConfigurationException Grid exception thrown to indicate a Grid configuration error.
GridDeploymentException Thrown when credentials are insufficient for the desired grid operation.
GridException The base exception for all Grid exceptions.
GridObjectNotFoundException Thrown when a grid object lookup does not find the requested object.

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