Constant Field Values


public static final int MATCH_MODE_EXACT 0
public static final int MATCH_MODE_GLOB 2
public static final int MATCH_MODE_REGEXP 1

public static final String TYPE_ACCEPT "accept"
public static final String TYPE_ALLOCATION "allocation"
public static final String TYPE_CONTINUE "continue"
public static final String TYPE_DEFAULT "resource"
public static final String TYPE_PROVISION "provision"
public static final String TYPE_REPOSITORY "repository"
public static final String TYPE_RESOURCE "resource"
public static final String TYPE_START "start"
public static final String TYPE_VMHOST "vmhost"

public static final int CLIENTERROR 5120
public static final int CONFIG 536872976
public static final int ERROR 1090781280
public static final int LEVEL_DEBUG 2004295679
public static final int LEVEL_EVERYTHING -1
public static final int LEVEL_INFO 1627660159
public static final int LEVEL_NORMAL 1090781283
public static final int LEVEL_SILENT 0
public static final int LEVEL_STATUS 3
public static final int LEVEL_VERBOSE 1731665791
public static final int MISC 128
public static final int NET_ADVERT 65536
public static final int NET_ADVERT_ERR 262144
public static final int NET_ADVERT_REPLY 131072
public static final int NET_BEACON 268435456
public static final int NET_CONFIG 536870912
public static final int NET_CONFIG_ERR 1073741824
public static final int NET_DATA 524288
public static final int NET_DATA_BMAP 67108864
public static final int NET_DATA_ERR 16777216
public static final int NET_DATA_IGN 33554432
public static final int NET_DATA_PKT 4194304
public static final int NET_DATA_PKT_ALL 8388608
public static final int NET_DATA_REPLY 2097152
public static final int NET_DATA_SECT 1048576
public static final int NET_ERROR 1090781184
public static final int REQ_CONFIG 2048
public static final int REQ_CONFIG_ERR 4096
public static final int REQ_FAIL 1024
public static final int REQ_ISSUE 256
public static final int REQ_SUCCESS 512
public static final int REQUEST 256
public static final int RESPONSE 1536
public static final int SERVERERROR 1073741920
public static final int SHUTDOWN 2
public static final int STARTUP 1
public static final int SYS_CONFIG 16
public static final int SYS_CONFIG_ERR 32
public static final int SYS_ERR 64
public static final int THREAD 12
public static final int THREAD_END 8
public static final int THREAD_START 4

public static final String ASCENDING_PREFIX "a"
public static final String DESCENDING_PREFIX "d"
public static final int TYPE_BOOLEAN 3
public static final int TYPE_BOOLEAN_ARRAY 11
public static final int TYPE_DATE 5
public static final int TYPE_DATE_ARRAY 13
public static final int TYPE_DICTIONARY 7
public static final int TYPE_INTEGER 1
public static final int TYPE_INTEGER_ARRAY 9
public static final int TYPE_LIST 6
public static final int TYPE_REAL 2
public static final int TYPE_REAL_ARRAY 10
public static final int TYPE_STRING 0
public static final int TYPE_STRING_ARRAY 8
public static final int TYPE_TIME 4
public static final int TYPE_TIME_ARRAY 12
public static final int TYPE_UNKNOWN -1

public static final int LOGIN_AUTH 0
public static final int LOGIN_ERROR 1
public static final int SESSION_AUTH 2
public static final int SESSION_EXPIRED 6
public static final int SESSION_IN_USE 9
public static final int SESSION_LOGGED_OUT 4
public static final int SESSION_REVOKED 7
public static final int SESSION_SERVER_AUTH 3
public static final int SESSION_SHUTDOWN 8
public static final int SESSION_SUB_ILLEGAL 10
public static final int SESSION_SUB_REFUSED 12
public static final int SESSION_SUB_TOO_MANY 11
public static final int SESSION_TIMED_OUT 5

public static final int ACK 0
public static final int AUTH_FAILURE 9
public static final int COMPLETE 14
public static final int EVENT 17
public static final int GET_GRID_OBJECTS 59
public static final int GRID_OBJECTS 60
public static final int JOB_ACCEPTED 23
public static final int JOB_ERROR 25
public static final int JOB_FINISHED 26
public static final int JOB_INFO 40
public static final int JOB_STARTED 24
public static final int JOB_STATUS 36
public static final int JOB_STATUS_DETAIL 53
public static final int JOBS 34
public static final int LOGIN_FAILED 29
public static final int LOGIN_SUCCESS 30
public static final int LOGOUT_ACK 32
public static final int NEED_UPGRADE 62
public static final int RUN_JOB2 61
public static final int RUNNING_JOBS 38
public static final int SERVER_STATUS 15
public static final int SESSION_ACK 66
public static final int SESSION_CHALLENGE 63
public static final int SESSION_RESPONSE 64
public static final int SESSION_STATUS 65

public static final int ERROR_AUTH_FAILURE 1
public static final int ERROR_UNKNOWN 0

public static final int REASON_ACCOUNT_DISABLED 5
public static final int REASON_AUTHENTICATION 1
public static final int REASON_BAD_TYPE 7
public static final int REASON_DUPLICATE 4
public static final int REASON_LICENSE 2
public static final int REASON_SUBTYPE_MISMATCH 6
public static final int REASON_TOOBUSY 3
public static final int REASON_UNKNOWN 0

public static final int CLIENT_TYPE_NODE 0
public static final int CLIENT_TYPE_TOOLKIT 1

public static final int NO_STATUS 0
public static final int SHUTDOWN 1

public static final int SESSION_ALREADY_IN_USE 7
public static final int SESSION_AUTH_FAILED 1
public static final int SESSION_AUTH_SUCCEEDED 0
public static final int SESSION_EXPIRED 4
public static final int SESSION_LOGGED_OUT 2
public static final int SESSION_REVOKED 5
public static final int SESSION_SHUTDOWN 6
public static final int SESSION_SUB_ILLEGAL 8
public static final int SESSION_SUB_REFUSED 10
public static final int SESSION_SUB_TOO_MANY 9
public static final int SESSION_TIMED_OUT 3

public static final int DEFAULT_VALUE -1
public static final String HIGH "high"
public static final int HIGH_VALUE 7
public static final String HIGHEST "highest"
public static final int HIGHEST_VALUE 9
public static final String LOW "low"
public static final int LOW_VALUE 3
public static final String LOWEST "lowest"
public static final int LOWEST_VALUE 1
public static final String MAX "max"
public static final int MAX_VALUE 10
public static final String MEDIUM "medium"
public static final String MEDIUM_HIGH "mediumhigh"
public static final int MEDIUM_HIGH_VALUE 6
public static final String MEDIUM_LOW "mediumlow"
public static final int MEDIUM_LOW_VALUE 4
public static final int MEDIUM_VALUE 5
public static final String MIN "min"
public static final int MIN_VALUE 0
public static final String USER_DEFAULT "default"
public static final String VERY_HIGH "veryhigh"
public static final int VERY_HIGH_VALUE 8
public static final String VERY_LOW "verylow"
public static final int VERY_LOW_VALUE 2

public static final int CANCEL_TYPE_ADMIN 2
public static final int CANCEL_TYPE_CONTINUE 5
public static final int CANCEL_TYPE_JOB 3
public static final int CANCEL_TYPE_TIMEOUT 4
public static final int CANCEL_TYPE_USER 1
public static final int CANCELLED_STATE 9
public static final int CANCELLING_STATE 6
public static final int COMPLETED_STATE 8
public static final int COMPLETING_STATE 5
public static final String COST "jobinstance.cost"
public static final String COST_BURN_RATE "jobinstance.cost.burnrate"
public static final String DESC_COST "The cost of this job ($)"
public static final String DESC_COST_BURN_RATE "The computed moving average burn rate of the job ($/hr)"
public static final String DESC_ERRORS "The error messages recorded for a failed job."
public static final String DESC_ID "The job instance unique identifier"
public static final String DESC_INSTANCE_NAME ""
public static final String DESC_JOBLET_COUNT "The number of joblets under management of this job instance"
public static final String DESC_JOBLET_SIZE "The number of p-space rows encapsulated in each joblet. May be explicitly set of derived as a result of specifing joblet count"
public static final String DESC_JOBLETS_CANCELLED "Number of joblets that ended in a cancelled state"
public static final String DESC_JOBLETS_COMPLETE "Number of joblets that completed successfully"
public static final String DESC_JOBLETS_FAILED "Number of joblets that ended in a failed state"
public static final String DESC_JOBLETS_RUNNING "Number of joblets that are actively running on resources"
public static final String DESC_JOBLETS_WAITING "Number of joblets that are waiting for available resources"
public static final String DESC_MATCHING_RESOURCES "The number of currently active resources that match the \'resource\' contraints"
public static final String DESC_MEMO "A brief memo set by this job instance that can be seen in user/administrator portals"
public static final String DESC_NODES "The resources currently in use by this job"
public static final String DESC_NODES_COUNT "Number of resources currently in use by this job"
public static final String DESC_ORIGIN_JOBID "The job identifier of the root job of this hierarchy or this job if a top level job."
public static final String DESC_PARENT_JOBID "The job identifier of the parent job of this hierarchy or empty if this is a top level job with no parent."
public static final String DESC_PREEMPTIBLE "Specifies that this job instance is willing to give up resources if required. Initially set from the equaivalent job fact"
public static final String DESC_PRIORITY "The numeric represenation of the current priority of this job instance (1=lowest, 9=higest). Default value is the user\'s default priority"
public static final String DESC_PRIORITY_STRING "The string representation of the current priority of this job instance"
public static final String DESC_PROVISION_AVOID_RESOURCES "The names of automatically provisioned resources that are currently being avoided (not yet excluded) because of prior provisioning errors."
public static final String DESC_PROVISION_COUNT "The total number of resources that have been automaticaly provisioned (or are in progress) for this job."
public static final String DESC_PROVISION_PENDING_COUNT "The total number of automatically provisioned resources that are pending online status."
public static final String DESC_PROVISION_PROBLEM_RESOURCES "The names of automatically provisioned resources that encountered provisioning errors and have been excluded."
public static final String DESC_PROVISION_PROBLEM_RESOURCES_COUNT "The number of automatically provisioned resources that encountered provisioning errors and have been excluded."
public static final String DESC_PSPACE_SIZE "The number of \'rows\' in a fully expanded p-space definition. Will be equals to the number of joblets only if \'jobinstance.joblet.size\' is 1"
public static final String DESC_START_AT_DATE "The date/time that this job was requested to start at"
public static final String DESC_START_TIME "The formated start date and time for this job instance"
public static final String DESC_STATE "The numeric state of this job instance"
public static final String DESC_STATE_STRING "String representation of the current state of this job instance"
public static final String DESC_TERMINATION_TYPE "The cause of the termination for a cancelled or failed job."
public static final String DESC_TIME_COMPLETED "The time this job instance completed or an estimation if still active"
public static final String DESC_TIME_ELAPSED_SECONDS "The elapsed wall time this job instance has been running or ran (in seconds)"
public static final String DESC_TIME_ELAPSED_STRING "The elapsed wall time this job instance has been in a running"
public static final String DESC_TIME_QUEUED_SECONDS "The elapsed wall time this job instance has been a queued (in second)s"
public static final String DESC_TIME_STARTED "The time this job instance was actually started or an estimating if queued"
public static final String DESC_TIME_SUBMITTED "The time this job instance was submitted"
public static final String ERRORS "jobinstance.errors"
public static final int FAILED_STATE 10
public static final int FAILING_STATE 7
public static final int FAILURE_TYPE_ACCEPT 7
public static final int FAILURE_TYPE_NORMAL 6
public static final String INSTANCE_NAME "jobinstance.instancename"
public static final String JOBLET_COUNT "jobinstance.joblets.count"
public static final String JOBLET_SIZE "jobinstance.joblet.size"
public static final String JOBLETS_CANCELLED "jobinstance.joblets.cancelled"
public static final String JOBLETS_COMPLETE "jobinstance.joblets.complete"
public static final String JOBLETS_FAILED "jobinstance.joblets.failed"
public static final String JOBLETS_RUNNING "jobinstance.joblets.running"
public static final String JOBLETS_WAITING "jobinstance.joblets.waiting"
public static final String MATCHING_RESOURCES "jobinstance.matchingresources"
public static final String MEMO "jobinstance.memo"
public static final String NODES "jobinstance.resources"
public static final String NODES_COUNT "jobinstance.resources.count"
public static final String OBJECT_TYPE "jobinstance"
public static final String ORIGIN_JOBID "jobinstance.originid"
public static final String PARENT_JOBID "jobinstance.parentid"
public static final int PAUSED_STATE 4
public static final String PREEMPTIBLE "jobinstance.preemptible"
public static final String PREFIX "jobinstance"
public static final String PRIORITY "jobinstance.priority"
public static final String PRIORITY_STRING "jobinstance.priority.string"
public static final String PROBLEM_RESOURCES "jobinstance.problemresources"
public static final String PROBLEM_RESOURCES_COUNT "jobinstance.problemresources"
public static final String PROVISION_AVOID_RESOURCES "jobinstance.provision.avoidresources"
public static final String PROVISION_COUNT "jobinstance.provision.count"
public static final String PROVISION_PENDING_COUNT "jobinstance.provision.pending"
public static final String PROVISION_PROBLEM_RESOURCES "jobinstance.provision.problemresources"
public static final String PROVISION_PROBLEM_RESOURCES_COUNT "jobinstance.provision.problemresources.count"
public static final String PSPACE_SIZE "jobinstance.joblet.pspace"
public static final int QUEUED_STATE 1
public static final int RUNNING_STATE 3
public static final String START_AT_DATE "jobinstance.startat"
public static final String START_TIME "jobinstance.starttime"
public static final int STARTING_STATE 2
public static final String STATE "jobinstance.state"
public static final String STATE_STRING "jobinstance.state.string"
public static final int SUBMITTED_STATE 0
public static final String TERMINATION_TYPE "jobinstance.terminationtype"
public static final int TERMINATION_TYPE_NORMAL 0
public static final String TIME_COMPLETED "jobinstance.time.completed"
public static final String TIME_ELAPSED_SECONDS "jobinstance.time.elapsed"
public static final String TIME_ELAPSED_STRING "jobinstance.time.elapsed.string"
public static final String TIME_QUEUED_SECONDS "jobinstance.time.queued"
public static final String TIME_STARTED "jobinstance.time.started"
public static final String TIME_SUBMITTED "jobinstance.time.submitted"
public static final int UNDEFINED_PRIORITY -1

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