A.2 Getting Started with the zosadmin Command

All zosadmin commands begin with zosadmin on the command line. The general format for a zosadmin command is zosadmin followed by the command name, followed by command line parameters, if needed:

zosadmin [standard_options] command [command_options_and_arguments]

Before you use the zosadmin CLI, make sure that your path is correctly pointing to the Orchestrator /bin directory.

This section includes the following information:

A.2.1 Logging In

Login is required to operate on a running server. The commands start, list, init, and create do not require a login. Use the following syntax to log in:

>zosadmin login -user=username Orhestrator_Server_name
Please enter current password for 'username': *******
Logged into Orchestrator_grid_name> on Orchestrator_Server_name

The login should now be complete.

Login information is stored in the /home directory, so further zosadmin commands use the saved login information. To operate on a different Orchestrator Server, run zosadmin login to log in to the new Orchestrator Server.

A.2.2 Checking Login Status

Enter the following command and parameter to retrieve the status of the current login:

>zosadmin login -c
Currently logged into testgrid on server 'tszen5'

A.2.3 Logging Out

Enter the following command to log out of the Orchestrator Server:

>zosadmin logout
Logged out from testgrid