5.2 Walkthrough: Log in to the ZENworks Orchestrator Server

Before you can perform any administrator functions, you need to log in to the Orchestrator Server to establish your credentials as an authorized administrator. The information in this sections explains three methods for logging in to the server.

When you have logged in to the Orchestrator Server, you can create accounts for the computing resources that will eventually run computing jobs. To understand how resource accounts are created, see Section 5.3, Walkthrough: Create a Resource Account.

5.2.1 Log In by Using the Explorer

If the Orchestrator grid you created during the install is displayed in the Explorer panel, the Orchestrator Server that services it is available for authentication. The grid cannot be expanded and navigated until you log in to the Orchestrator Server in that grid.

  1. In the Explorer panel of the ZENworks Orchestrator Console, click the grid name to launch a server login dialog box.

  2. In the dialog box, enter the Administrator user name and password that you supplied when you installed the server.

5.2.2 Log In Explicitly to a Named Server

If you are not operating in a broadcast-capable network and you have installed the Orchestrator Clients on a machine with a different subnet from the server, ZENworks Orchestrator might not be able to discover your Orchestrator Server. If this is the case, you will have to log in explicitly to the server you are looking for. Use the following steps to log in explicitly to a named server.

  1. From the Orchestrator Console, click Server, then click Login to display the Remote Connection dialog box.

    ZENworks Orchestrator supports multiple servers on the same network.

    This login option allows you to select the server before you enter the administrator name and password.

  2. In the dialog box, specify the IP address of the Orchestrator Server in the Server Address field, then click OK to display the login dialog box.

  3. Specify the administrator name (created during the install) in the Username field, specify the administrator password in the Password field, then click OK to log in to the server.

5.2.3 Log In As Default

If you want to save time during login, you can set a login preference to prepopulate the administrator username and password. Use the following steps to set the preference and log in as default.

  1. From the console, click Edit, then click Preferences to display the Orchestrator Console Preferences dialog box.

  2. In this dialog box, click the Server tab to display the Server page.

  3. In the Server Login section of the page, specify the administrator username in the Default Username field, then specify the administrator password in the Default Password field.

  4. Select the Use as Default Login check box, then click OK.

The next time you log in, either to an explicit, named server or by exploring the Orchestrator grid, the default login dialog box is displayed.

Figure 5-2 Default Login Dialog Box

If the default user you provided as a preference is still accurate, you can simply click OK to log in.

HINT:If you re-install ZENworks Orchestrator and specify a new administrator username and password, that information is not displayed in the default login unless you change the login preferences. The information you provided in the earlier install and established as the default is retained as a cached file in the user directory until overwritten with new default preferences.