Dynamic Group Refresh Schedule

Membership in a dynamic group is determined by applying the dynamic group’s criteria to devices. If a device meets the criteria, it is added to the group; you cannot manually add devices to a dynamic group or remove them from a dynamic group.

The Dynamic Group Refresh Schedule panel lets you determine how often a dynamic group’s criteria is applied to devices in order to update memberships in the group. By default, the group membership is calculated at mid-night.

To set the refresh schedule:

  1. If you don’t want dynamic groups refreshed, select No Schedule, then skip to Step 2.


    Select Now to refresh the dynamic groups immediately


    Select Recurring, then fill in the following fields:

    Sun ... Sat: Specifies the days of the week you want to refresh the groups.

    Start Time: Specifies the time you want to refresh the groups.

    Process immediately if device unable to execute on schedule: If for some reason the dynamic group is unable to refresh as per the specified schedule, then select this option to process the refresh immediately.

    Use Coordinated Universal Time: The Start Time is converted to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). Select this option to indicate that the Start Time you entered is already in Coordinated Universal Time so no conversion is necessary. For example, suppose you are in the Eastern time zone. If you enter 10:00 a.m. and select this option, the Start Time is scheduled for 10:00 UTC. If you don’t select this option, the Start Time is scheduled for 14:00 UTC because Eastern time is UTC - 4 hours.

    Start at a Random Time between Start Time and End Time: Starts the event at a randomly selected time between the time you specify in the Start Time and End Time fields. You can use this option to avoid possible network overload from concurrently scheduled events.

    Restrict Schedule Execution to the Following Date Range: Limits refreshing of the groups to the dates specified by the starting and ending dates.

  2. Click Apply to save the settings.

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