Collection Data Form Schedule

There are three ways you can send out the Collection Data Form. You can schedule it as part of a regular inventory scan, you can use a Device Quick Task, or you can use the Collection Data Form Schedule, explained in this topic.

NOTE:If you selected Show in ZEN Icon Menu on the Collection Data Form configuration page, the Collection Data Form is always available to the workstation user.

You can define the schedule at three levels:

  • Management Zone: The settings are inherited by all device folders and devices.

  • Device Folder: The settings are inherited by all devices contained within the folder or its subfolders. Overrides the Management Zone settings.

  • Device: The settings apply only to the device for which they are configured. Overrides the settings at the Management Zone and folder levels.

NOTE:If you are configuring the schedule on a device folder or a device, you need to click Override Settings before you can change the system settings.

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