8.0 Asset Management Settings

The Asset Management section contains the following settings:

Reports: Configure report settings for Asset Management. For more information, see Reports.

Compliance: Set the time of day that license compliance data is refreshed. For more information, see Compliance.

Usage Monitoring: Enable software usage monitoring. For more information, see Usage Monitoring.

Usage Display: Configure whether or not usage data is displayed on License Management pages (Asset Management > License Management tab) in the ZENworks Control Center. For more information, see Usage Display.

User Source: Determines the source (Inventory user data or authoritative user source) from which you can select users to associate with product licenses. For more information, see User Source

Asset Management Report Rights: Configures the default rights at the Management Zone level. These rights are assigned to the user according to the default settings. For more information, see Asset Management Report Rights

License Collection Schedule: Determines the schedule during which the license usage information is collected periodically for the products for which the sources are configured in asset management. For more information see, License Collection Schedule