13.0 Deleting Devices from Your ZENworks System

If you delete a server or workstation device, the selected device is removed from your ZENworks system, its GUID is deleted, all inventory information is removed, and all policy and bundle assignments are removed.

NOTE:Enrolled mobile devices cannot be deleted from ZENworks. You need to unenroll these devices. Mobile devices that are in wipe pending, retired, or enrollment pending states can be deleted from ZCC. For more information, see Unenrolling a Device.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Devices tab.

  2. Click the underlined link next to the Servers or Workstations folder to display the list of servers or workstations in your ZENworks system.

  3. Select the check box in front of the server or workstation (you can select multiple devices).

  4. Click Delete.

NOTE:In ZENworks Control Center, if you delete Windows devices, the devices are automatically registered again after the next refresh. For Linux devices, you need to manually register the device if it is deleted.

You cannot delete a ZENworks Primary Server from the Devices tab. If you select a Primary Server in Step 3 and click Delete, then the following error message displays:

Error: The object "vm232w2k3ent" is a Primary Server and cannot be
deleted. To delete a Primary Server, go to Configuration, Server Hierarchy, (select a Primary Server), Action, Delete ZENworks Server.

For more information about deleting a ZENworks Primary Server, see Deleting a ZENworks Primary Serverin the ZENworks Primary Server and Satellite Reference.