3.7 Additional Scenarios

3.7.1 Replicating Chained Bundles

In case of chained bundles, if you have selected only the parent bundle for replication, then both the parent and the child bundle get replicated in the Subscriber zone in the first instance. Subsequently, if there are any modifications made to the child bundle without making any changes in the parent bundle in the Sharing zone, then these changes do not get replicated in the Subscriber zone. For the replication to work correctly, you need to either modify the parent bundle in the Sharing zone, or select both parent and child bundles in the subscription.

3.7.2 Replicating Add-On Image Files

Add-On Image files are not a part of the ZENworks repository because of which are not available for download from the ZENworks server. Hence, you cannot replicate add-on image files to a Subscriber zone.

3.7.3 Replicating objects after changing the download location

After an object like a bundle or a policy is replicated for the first time in a Subscriber zone, changing the download location for the object does not create a new object in the original location during subsequent replications. Instead, the original replicated object is updated.

For any object in the Sharing zone, there can be a maximum of two copies in the Subscriber zone. One object can have the same GUID and another with a different GUID. If you want the object to have the same GUID, select the Retain GUID option during replication. This options is applicable only for ZENworks subscriptions.

When the Retain GUID option is selected for a ZENworks subscription, the GUID and the version is retained while replicating objects. Once the object is replicated with the Retain GUID option, if it is modified locally in the subscriber zone, one or more objects with a higher version will be present. The next replication of the object from the Sharing zone does not work as higher versions of the object are already present in the Subscriber zone, and it is not useful to update any non-published version of the object while retaining the version of the replicating object. Hence, if the objects are replicated by using the Retain GUID option, ideally they should not be modified locally in the Subscriber zone.


  • If there are bundles with child references or if the bundles include chains, this option cannot be used to replicate bundles between publisher and subscriber zones.

  • For a ZENworks subscription, you cannot select the Retain GUID and Create Sandbox options together because they have conflicting behaviors. When the Retain GUID option is selected, the version number for the object is retained. However, when the Create Sandbox option is selected, the version is -1.