33.0 Troubleshooting

The following sections provide solutions to the issues you might encounter during content replication.

Content in the database is not available in the content repository

Source: ZENworks
Explanation: After you perform an upgrade, some files that are in the database are not available in the content repository.
Action: Perform the following steps:

IMPORTANT:It is strongly recommended to run the novell-zenworks-configure -c CheckContentSystem command first, to identify inconsistencies in the content.This command is applicable only for Primary Servers. After you verify the content, run the command and use the appropriate switch (sync). If you have any queries, contact Novell Support for assistance.

  1. Run the following command to sync the database with the content repository:

    novell-zenworks-configure -c CheckContentSystem -Dzenworks.configure.syncDb="true"

  2. To identify content that is available in the database, but not in the content repository, select the Look for content in the database, not in the content-repo option.

    Files that are not available in the content repository are marked as Unavailable.

  3. Perform the content replication procedure to replicate the files to the content repository.

Removing the Content role from a Satellite does not remove the device from the Closest Server Default Rule and Closest Server Rules

Source: ZENworks
Explanation: If you remove the Content role from a Satellite device, the device is not automatically removed from the Closest Server Default Rule and the Closest Server Rules.
Action: Remove the Satellite device from the Server Hierarchy list. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Configuration tab > select the check box next to the Satellite device, click Action, then click Remove Satellite Server.).

The imaging content is replicated according to the default content replecation schedule even if you change the schedule after promoting a managed device to an Imaging Satellite

Source: ZENworks
Explanation: If you change the Imaging content replication schedule for an Imaging Satellite, the imaging content is replicated from the Primary Server to the Satellite while promoting the managed device to the Imaging Satellite, by using the default schedule and not the revised schedule.

NOTE:ZENworks images are not replicated from one Primary Server to other Primary or Satellite Servers.

Action: To change the imaging content schedule after promoting a managed device to an Imaging Satellite:
  1. Remove the Imaging role from the Satellite.

    For detailed information on how to demote a Satellite to a managed device, see Section 14.0, Removing the Roles from a Satellite.

  2. Add the Imaging role to the Satellite, then configure the desired imaging content replication schedule while configuring the role.

    For detailed information on how to add the Imaging role to a Satellite, see Understanding the Imaging Role..

Join Proxy connection might not work and displays incorrect port information on the Z icon page of the Join Proxy server

Source: ZENworks
Explanation: When a managed device tries to connect to a Primary server for Join Proxy service, the connection might fail. To verify the connection status if you click Servers in the Z icon page of the Join Proxy server, the port information displayed along with the host name might be incorrect. For example, port number could be 80 instead of the default port number 7019.
Action: Update the incorrect Join Proxy settings:
  1. Execute novell-zenworks-configure -c AddJoinProxyRole on the Join Proxy server that has the incorrect Join Proxy settings

  2. Execute zman lrr -f on the Primary server to recalculate the closest server rules.

When no content is available, content replication does not work based on the defined schedule

Source: ZENworks; Content Replication
Explanation: When there is no content available for replication, the content replication schedule does not follow the defined schedule or the CDP restart schedule.
Action: You need to configure the DisableCDPRestartIntervalDoubling setting, which has been introduced in ZENworks 11 SP4, to True or False.
  • True: The CDP restart interval will get reset to the initial value (governed by CDPRestartInterval setting) and remain constant till the setting is changed to False.

  • False: The CDP restart interval will double if no content is available.

NOTE:By default, this setting is set to False.

To configure the DisableCDPRestartIntervalDoubling setting:

  • On Linux and Mac operating systems, configure the setting in the /etc/opt/Novell/zenworks/conf/xplatzmd.properties file.

  • On a Windows operating system, use the Registry Editor and configure the registry key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Novell\ZCM: DisableCDPRestartIntervalDoubling=true


    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Novell\ZCM: DisableCDPRestartIntervalDoubling=false