A.0 Troubleshooting

The following sections provide solutions to the problems you might encounter while using the Audit Management feature.

Agent Event Advanced Search containing special characters does not return results

Source: ZENworks; Audit Management.
Explanation: Search containing special characters such as "\" does not return results.
Action: If the special characters search does not return results, you need to explicitly escape them in the search input. For example, if you want to search for a string such as Workgroup\Win8, you should specify Workgroup\\Win8 in the search field.

Some audit event details are not localized based on the locale

Source: ZENworks; Audit Management.
Explanation: When an audit event is created in one locale, and the generated event details are viewed from another locale, some of the event details are not localized. For example, if you create a bundle by logging in to ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) using the German language, and then view details of the generated Bundle Created event by logging into ZCC using the English language, the audit bundle name is displayed in German, as it is based on the user input. However, the type of bundle, for example Windows bundle, which should appear in English, appears in German.
Action: None.